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Digium G100/200 Normal Status Lights

Digium G100/200
Description & Suggested Action (Likely Failures in Bold)
DEVICE Green (Solid) Hardware & Software are fully initialized & running.
Red (Flashing) A Software package is being evaluated for validity.
Red (Solid) Hardware is initializing.
ETH - LEFT Green (Solid) On the left side indicates an Active Link.
ETH - RIGHT Amber (Flashing) On the right side indicates Network Activity.
T1/E1 - LEFT Blue (Solid) On the left side when lit indicates T1/E1 software driver is initialized, but configuration is invalid. // Load new config.
T1/E1 - RIGHT Green (Solid) On the right side indicates an Appliance is in-sync with the far end.
Green (Singular Blink) On the right side indicates a line has been placed into loopback mode.
Yellow (Solid) On the right side indicates an Appliance is synchronizing or is receiving a yellow alarm from the far end.
Unlit T1/E1 Software driver not initialized.

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