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Technicolor CGA4131 Business Gateway Normal Status Lights

Technicolor Comcast Business Gateway
Bolded status descriptions below indicate likely device failures
Description / Suggested Action to Take
ETHERNET LED SOLID Ethernet is enabled with AC power
UNLIT Ethernet is not enabled
 1 - 8
SOLID Port is connected
UNLIT Port is not connected
FLASHING Data is being transferred
INTERNET LED SOLID Internet service is active
UNLIT There is no Internet service
Wi-FI FLASHING Data (2.4GHZ or 5GHZ) is active over the wireless connection
UNLIT Wi-Fi Access point is not enabled
ONLINE SOLID Connected to the Service Providers Network. Even when Internet is not active, LED is on. Data traffic can be used
FLASHING Trying to acquire Upstream/Downstream frequencies
1 - 8
SOLID Telephone Line is registered successfully with the Call Manager
FLASHING Telephone Line has either gone off-hook or is on an active call
UNLIT Telephone Line is not registered with the Call Manager
TELEPHONE LINE ICON SOLID MTA Voice interface is operational
UNLIT MTA Voice interface is not operational
WPS ICON FLASHING WPS process intialized and lasts for 2 minutes
UNLIT No WPS activity
BATTERY UNLIT Devices is off or AC power is on or Batter is not installed
SOLID On Battery power
FLASHING Battery needs replacement
RESET BUTTON   Pressing the reset button for 12-13 seconds will restore the device to factory default settings

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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