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Actiontec R1408 6110 Modem/Router Normal Status Lights

Actiontec modem / router R1408 6110
Actiontec R1408 FiOS Router w/Static IP Address from Carrier
Description & Suggested Action (Likely Failures in Bold)
POWER Green (Solid) Power is on.
Unlit The Router is not getting power.
Red (Solid) The Router has experienced a critical error. // Call Verizon FiOS repair.
INTERNET Green (Solid) Connection between Router & Verizon Online is established.
Unlit No connection is established between your Router & the Verizon FiOS service.
Amber The Router is connected to the ONT (Optical Network Terminator) but it can't be authenticated. // Call Verizon FiOS repair.
ETHERNET 1 - 8 Green (Flashing) The Ethernet connection between Router and the Computer or network device is established.
Unlit No link is established between the Router and the Computer or network device.

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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