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Adtran NetVanta 1234/P Normal Status Lights

Bolded status/descriptions below indicate likely Failures
Description / Suggested Action to Take
STAT Off Unit is not receiving power.
Green (flashing) On power up, the STAT LED flashes rapidly for five seconds, during which time the user may escape to boot mode from the CONSOLE port.
Green (solid) Power is on, and self-test has passed.
Red (solid) Power is on, but the self-test has failed or the application code could not be booted.
LINK/ACT Off Link status/activity is not being displayed.
Green solid Link status/activity is being displayed.
PoE Off PoE status is not being displayed.
Green (solid) PoE status is  being displayed.
VCID Off VCID is not selected.
Green (solid) VCID is selected. The port LED that corresponds to the unit's VCID will display green.
Port LED in Link/Activity Mode (1-24) G1-G4 Off The port is not connected.
Green (solid) The link is up and the port is enabled.
Amber (flashing) The link is up and activity (transmit or receive) has occured on the port.
Port LED in PoE Mode (1-24) Off Powered device is not connected.
Green (solid) Powered device is connected.
Green (flashing) The port has detected a PoE fault.

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