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Iwatsu DTI-P/T Card Normal Status Lights

Iwatsu DTI-P / T Card
Description & Suggested Action (Likely Failures in Bold)
REDALM Red (Solid) Red alarm. No signal from Carrier. Likely a complete circuit failure or break. The most severe alarm. // Call your Carrier.
YELALM Yellow (Solid) Carrier is not receiving signal but your equipment is getting this signal from the Carrier. // Call your Vendor & Carrier.
ERRST Red (Solid) PRI is running CRC or framing errors errors likely due to
improperly configured Carrier equipment or poor line quality. // Report to your Carrier.

 Complete Description of Lights

On Off Flash
REDALM Red Alarm LED Red Alarm No Red or
Blue Alarm
AIS (Blue) Alarm
YELALM Yellow Alarm LED Yellow Alarm No Yellow Alarm N/A
ERRST Error Status LED CRC/Framing Error or
BipolarViolation Detected
No Errors N/A
M/S Master/Slave Mode Setting
Indication LED
Master Mode Setting Slave Mode Setting N/A
CLKM Clock Master Indication Clock Source Not Synchronized Synchronized with master (500ms on /
500 ms off). This is the slave card in a 2 or more T1/PRI  system.
OPR0 Layer 1 Connection Status Layer 1 issue normal N/A
OPR1 Layer 2 Connection Status Layer 2 issue normal N/A
OPR2 Initialization Status N/A No Data Transmission Initialization Data
MB Make Busy LED Busy with calls Idle, no calls In Make Busy and no active calls, new calls are prevented.


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