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MultiTech FF 430 Normal Status Lights

Multi-Tech FF 430
Description // Suggested Action to Take
POWER Green (Solid) Unit is powered on.
STATUS Green (Blinking) A few moments after power is on, the Status LED will be blinking
green to show normal, working state.
CF Compact Flash When the compact flash drive is accessed, this LED will light.
LNK Green (Flashing) Lit when a physical link has been established with the Ethernet
100 Green (Solid) When lit, Ethernet rate is 100 Mbps; When unlit rate is 10 Mbps.
TD Green (Flashing) The TD LED flashes when the Modem is transmitting data to
another Modem.
RD Green (Flashing) The RD LED flashes when the Modem is receiving data from
another Modem.
TR Green (Flashing) Indicates that server is in communication with the Modem.
CD Green (Solid) Carrier of remote Modem is detected.

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