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Panasonic KX-NS0154 Normal Status Lights

                                     Panasonic KX-NS0154
Bolded status/descriptions below indicate likely failures
Description / Suggested Action to Take
Green (Solid)  Stand-by (no active calls) 
Green (Slow Flash)  Talking (active calls, channels available)
Green (Fast Flash)  All channels busy 
Blue (Solid)  Stand-by (no ative calls) 
Blue (Slow Flash)  Talking (active calls, channels available) 
Blue (Fast Flash)  All channels busy  
Amber (Solid)  Stand-by (unstable air/LAN synchronization [no active calls])
Amber (Slow Flash)  Talking (unstable air/LAN synchronization [active calls])
Amber (Fast Flash)  All channels busy (unstable air/LAN synchronization)
Red (Solid)  Fault
Red (Slow Flash)  Out of service or starting up (from data link establishment to air/LAN synchroniztion)
Red (Fast Flash)  Starting up (communication with PBX not established)
Red & Green (Alternate Flashing)  Site survey master mode 
Unlit  Power off or updating Firmware
Slow Flash = 60 times per minute
Fast Flash = 120 times per minute 
GREEN = (4 Channels - without Activation Key)
BLUE = (8 Channels - without Activation Key)

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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