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Paradyne DSL Modem 6310 A2 200 Normal Status Lights

Status LED's For Paradyne DSL Modem 6310 A2 200
Description & Suggested Action (Likely Failures in Bold)
PWR Green (Solid) MLV Modem has power.
Unlit No power.
ALM Red (Solid) An alarm condtion exists. The power-on self-test may have failed. // Unplug the unit and reapply power. // If the alarm LED is still on, contact the Service Provider.
Unlit No active alarms.
TST Yellow (Solid) The TST LED is on during power-on, self-test and during a test initiated by the Service Provider.
Unlit No active tests.
LINE Green (Solid) The MLV link is active and ready to transmit and receive data.
Unlit No DSL signal on POTS line or POTS line is unplugged. // Check for dial tone on the line using a plain "home style" phone. // Call your Carrier.
TX/RX Green (Flashing) Data transmission is in progress on the MLV line.
Unlit The Modem is not transmitting or receiving data.
ETHERNET Green (Solid) The Ethernet connection to the Ethernet hub or PC is active.
Unlit Ethernet cable to device unplugged or device not powered. // Check your Firewall/Router. // Advise your Vendor.

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