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Ubiquity UniFi UAP-AC-LR Normal Status Lights

Ubiquity UniFi UAP-AC-LR

Bolded status descriptions below indicate likely device failures
Description / Suggested Action to Take
CENTER LED LIGHT WHITE Factory default, waiting to be integrated
FLASHING WHITE/BLUE Device is busy: Do not touch or unplug it. This usually indicates that a process such as a firmware upgrade is happening
SOLID BLUE The device has been successfully integrated into a network and is working properly
FLASHING BLUE Used to locate an AP.
-When you click LOCATE in the UniFi controller software the LED on the AP will flash. It will also display the location of the AP on the map.
SOLID BLUE/OCCASIONAL FLASHING Indicates the device is in an isolated state (all WANs are brought down until an uplink is found)

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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