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The Story of "Status Lights"

Mission Statement of Status Lights

To educate the customer on what to say to the Carrier or Vendor on that first service down call based on equipment light status. We help the customer take that first step in the right direction.

What is the Bottom Line?!

When you tell the Carrier, "my Internet is down", they are slow to respond. "Is it plugged in?"

When you state "The line light on my DSL Modem that is normally solid green is now flashing red", the 1st Level Carrier Tech will say "ugh, let me let you speak to my supervisor!.....We are sending a truck now!"

Conveying equipment light status to the Carrier or Vendor Tech is the first step to service repair.

What was the motivation to do this?

Typical Customer, Vendor, Carrier Scenario
Total Time Down
Service is down. 0 minutes
Customer makes random tests with little scientific method or planned steps. 20 minutes
Customer calls Vendor and vaguely states "our service is down". 30 minutes
Vendor, with little to go on asks questions and finally determines it's the Carrier. 40 minutes
Customer calls the Carrier. Carrier states "it's all gooood!" It's not us! (Finger pointing) 60 minutes
Irritated customer now calls the Vendor back. Vendor dispatches to site. 120 minutes
Vendor determines exact cause of failure, the Carrier. 130 minutes
Vendor calls the Carrier and explains in detail the issue. 150 minutes
Carrier finally takes ticket and responds. 160 minutes
Service restored. 240 minutes (4 hrs)

Visit and copy your normal light status to a desktop PC. When your office phone and/or data service is DOWN, compare the equipment light's to the NORMAL status light animation saved to your desktop.

Animations at determine if you have a Carrier issue or an internal equipment issue. So, you know who to call the first time and are ready with accurate intelligence to get the matter resolved quickly! Bypass the Carrier finger pointing and minimize service repair delays. Get back to work quickly!

Infotel Systems knows how valuable your time is and recognizes that you need to get accurate answers and solutions to get back to your normal office routine. Once you first determine the nature of the problem, we can help you get resolution. We help you take that first step in the right direction.

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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