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Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
DSL1/DSL2UnlitNo sync // Call your Carrier.
RedPoor signal quality // Call your Carrier.
YellowMarginal signal quality // Call your Carrier.
RED - FlashingError detected on HTU-C or HTU-R // Call your Carrier.
DS1UnlitPremise equipment T1 signal not present or wrong format // Call your Vendor.
RED - FlashingPremise equipment T1 signal errors // Call your Vendor.
ALMRed Local alarm at HTU-R Card detected.
YellowRemote alarm at HTU-C Card detected.
ESF/SFUnlitUnframed mode // Call your Carrier.
YellowESF Framing
GreenSF Framing
LBKYellowActive local loop back at the HTU-R.

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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