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We are Infotel Systems, a hosted VOIP provider in Richmond, Virginia. We use most of these devices at our own VOIP optimized data center or at our customer sites. We are the leading Virginia Hosted VoIP telephone systems experts.

Actiontec R1408 Verizon FiOS Internet Router
Actiontec M1424WR Verizon FiOS Internet Router
ActiontecM1424WR REV I   Wireless Broadband Router
Adtran NT1 ACE 4 (ACE 3) Converts Carrier 2 Wire "U" Interface to 4 Wire
Adtran Atlas 830 TDM Switch/PRI Multiplexer
Adtran TA 604 T1 Network Interface for use with VoIP
Adtran TA 608 Voice & Internet Router
Adtran TA 612 Voice & Internet Router
Adtran TA 616 Voice & Internet Router
Adtran TA 624 Voice & Internet Router
Adtran TA 904 Integrated Access Device
Adtran TA 908 Integrated Access Device
Adtran TA 908e Integrated Access Device
Adtran TA 912 Integrated Access Device
Adtran TA 916 Integrated Access Device
Adtran TA 924 Integrated Access Device
Adtran NetVanta 1234/P Ethernet Switch
Adtran NetVanta 1238/P Fast Ethernet Switch
Adtran NetVanta 1531 & 1531P Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Adtran NetVanta 3120 Ethernet Router with VPN
Adtran NetVanta 3140 Ethernet Router with VPN
Adtran NetVanta 3205 T1 Router
Adtran NetVanta 3305 T1 Router
Adtran NetVanta 3430 T1 Router w/two Ethernet Interfaces
Adtran NetVanta 3448 T1/Ethernet Router w/ 2 WAN and 8 Port Switch
Adtran NetVanta 6250 IP Business Gateway -SBC
Adtran H2TU-R Card (1223026L2) SmartJack Card - T1 via 1 Pair DSL
Adtran HTU-R Card (1246026L4) SmartJack Card - T1 via 4 Wire (2 Pair) HDSL
Adtran H4TU-R Card (1246026L4) SmartJack Card - T1 via 4 Wire (2 Pair) HDSL
Alcatel-Lucent 1850 TSS-5 Fiber to T1 MUX
Algo 8028 SIP Doorphone Controller Door Phone Controller
Arris Touchstone DOCSIS 3.0 TM804G DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 Ultra-High Speed Cable Modem
Arris 804 Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter
AudioCode MP-202 2 Line SIP Gateway
Cradlepoint AER1600 Series Micro Branch Router Comcast Connection Pro 4G device
CarrierAccess Adit 3402 Voice & Internet Router
CarrierAccess Adit 600 -VoIP Voice Voice over IP & Internet Router.
CarrierAccess Adit 600 -TDM Voice T1 to POTS or T1/PRI
Ciena LE-311V Service Delivery Switch
Ciena 3903 coming soon
Cisco 501 Pix Firewall Internet Firewall
Cisco 1600 Series Internet Router
Cisco 1700 Series Internet Router
Cisco 3600 Series Internet Router
Cisco 3800 Series Internet Router
Cisco DPC3008 Cable Modem
Cisco DPC3010 Cable Modem
Cisco 3939B Cable Modem
Cisco DPC3941B Gateway Voice Gateway/Internet Router   
Digium G100/200 Gateway SIP to ISDN PRI Gateway
EdgeMarc 4508T4 Managed Voice Router for VoIP
EnGenius EAP350 Wireless Access Point
EnGenius ECB600 Wireless Access Point
EnGenius ECB350 Multi-Function Wireless Network Device
EnGenius EGS2110P Smart Switch
EnGenius EGS7228P Layer 2 Managed PoE Switch
Fortinet FortiGate 40F SD WAN Next Generation Firewall
Hatteras HN408-CPi Ethernet over Copper Router
Iwatsu DTI-P Card Iwatsu ISDN PRI Card
Iwatsu MBU Card Iwatsu Media Bridge Unit. The IP Voice Card
Kentrox Q2300 Cable/DSL or Ethernet Router w/QOS
Kentrox T-Smart T1 CSU
Linksys BEFCMUH4 nternet Router
Linksys RV042 Cable/DSL or Ethernet Router
Linksys BEFSR41 Cable/DSL or Ethernet Router
Lucent ConnectReach Voice & Internet Router
Motorola SURFboard SB5101N Cable Modem
Motorola Vonage VT2142 Voice Gateway
MultiTech RF 820 Cable/DSL or Ethernet Router
MultiTech FF130/230 Fax Server
MultiTech FF430 Fax Server
MultiTech FF830 Fax Server
Netgear CG3000DCR Cable Internet Router
Netgear Nighthawk AX8 (RAX80) 8-Stream AX6000 Wi-Fi Router
Panasonic NCP 500 PRI Card PBX Card
Panasonic TDE PRI Card Panasonic TDE PRI Trunk Card
Panasonic TDE EXT16 Card Panasonic IP Phone EXT Card
Panasonic KX-TGP5XX Panasonic SIP Cordless Phone System
Panasonic KX-A405 DECT 6.0 Repeater for Wireless Phones
Panasonic KX-NS0154 DECT 4-Channel IP Cell Station Unit
Panasonic KX-NS700 VoIP PBX
Panasonic KX-T0155 DECT 6.0, 2 Channel Cell Station Unit
Panasonic KX-TVA50/KXTVA200 Panasonic Voice Processing Systems
Panasonic KX-TDE100/200 Panasonic Communication System
Panasonic KX-TDE600 Panasonic Communication System
Panasonic WV-SP105 Network Camera Panasonic Network Camera
Paradyne DSL Modem 6310 A2 200 Internet DSL Modem
Paradyne DSL Modem 6350 A4 200 Internet DSL Modem
Paradyne DSL Modem 6381 Internet DSL Modem
Paradyne Hotwire 6210-A2 (6211, 6381) Internet DSL Modem
Patton SmartNode 4112 VoIP Media Gateway
Patton 4970 Gateway T1/E1 PRI VoIP Gateway
PepWave Max BR1 LTE M2M 4G LTE Router -100MB
Peplink Balance 20 (BPL-021) Dual WAN Router
Peplink Balance 210 (BPL-210) Dual WAN Router
Peplink Balance 710 (BPL-710) Multi-WAN Router
PepWave Max BR1 ENT LTE M2M 4G LTE Router 1GB
Proxicast PocketPORT 3G/4G Cellular Modem Bridge
Revolabs FLX2 Aastra 850i Conference Phone
Sangoma Vega SBC Session Border Controller
SMC 8013WG Cable Modem/Router Cable Internet Router
SMC 8014 Cable Modem/Router Cable Internet Router
SMC D3G Cable Modem/Router Cabel Internet Router
SonicWall TZ250 TZ300 TZ350 TZ400 TZ500 TZ 600  
Synology NVR1218 Network Video Recorder
Technicolor CGA4131 TCH2-GA-TBR Cable Modem w/Data, Voice & Wi-Fi
Teltrend DNI5712LC T1 card
Toshiba PCX2200 Cable Internet Router
Ubnt PBE-5AC500 Microwave Bridge
Ubnt R5AC-LITE Microwave Bridge
Verizon FiOS-G1100 Quantum Gateway     FiOS Quantum Gateway                      
Verizon FiOS ONT1000GJ4 by Arris FiOS Optical Network Terminal
Verizon FiOS ONT FiOS Optical Network Terminator
Verizon FIOS Alcatel-Lucent I-211M-L GIG ONT FiOS Optical Network Terminator
Verizon FiOS Nokia G-821M-A ONT FiOS Optical Network Terminal
Verizon/Pantech UML290 4G/3G LTE USB Cellular Modem
Viking PA-IP SIP Paging AMP SIP/Multicast Paging Adapter w/Amplifier
Westell C90-311072 DS1 NIU DSL Modem
Westell 61xx DSL Modem Internet DSL Modem
Westell 21xx DSL Modem Internet DSL Modem
Westell 75XX Modem Internet DSL Modem

Testing Tools and Testing Methods
T1 Loop Back Plug T1 Testing Test at the Point Your T1 Leaves Your Carrier's Network
Mod Tap Cable Tester Cable Test Equipment Status LED's for Mod Tap Cable Tester
Verizon FIOS Test Process FIOS Required when connecting your own router to a Verizon ONT

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