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Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
READYGreen (Solid/Flashing)S/T & U interfaces are ready to place a call.
Flash 8 CPSCarrier failure, BRI circuit is down. // Call your Carrier. They need to perform a BERT test on the circuit. If inconclusive, they must come to your site & connect with a BRI test set.
Flash 1 CPSPBX failure. // Disconnect from NT1 to telephone system. // Call your Vendor.
ERROROccasional or Solid RedIt's a line quality problem the Carrier must fix. // Call the Carrier and have them run a 20 minute BERT test & send results to your Vendor.

Circuits 1 & 2 OK.

Circuits 3 READY light flashing 1 CPS

Circuits 4 READY light flashing 8 CPS

Make sure the Carrier does not test the wrong circuit. Any obtrusive test on a solid green working circuit will cause the green light to blink.

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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