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Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
TX/RXGreen (Blinking)Indicates data flow on the Ethernet interface.
LINKGreen (Solid)Ethernet connection.
UnlitNo Ethernet connection.
V.35 RXV.35rx & V.35tx are rarely used & are for the V.35 port on the back.
DATARed (Solid)T1 is down. // Call your Carrier.
VOICEGreen (Solid)Service okay.
BlinkingVoice ports are in use.
Red (Solid)Voice T1 is down.
BATTGreen (Solid)Backup battery okay.
UnlitIf it has a battery & the BATT light is dark. // Contact your Carrier.
PWR/NETBlinkingT1 is down.
Green (Solid)Solid green if power is okay and T1 is up.
UnlitAdtran has no power.
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