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Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
STATUSUnlitBootstrap Mode - The boot code can not be booted. During bootstrap mode VOICE, DATA, NET 1 - 4 LED's will be red.
Green (Flashing)Unit is powering up. On power-up the STATUS LED flashes rapidly for 5 seconds, during which time the user may escape to bootstrap mode from the CRAFT port.
Green (Solid)Power is on and the unit is functioning normally.
POWERUnlitNo power.
Green (Solid)AC power is operational.
AmberAC power has failed. Battery backup is active.
VOICEUnlitAll ports are inactive.
Green (Solid)At least one port is off hook.
Green (Flashing)At least one port is ringing.
AmberAt least one port is in test.
RedFault condition.
DATAUnlitPort is administratively shut down.
GreenLayer 2 is up on a NET interface.
RedLayer 2 is down on a NET interface.
NET 1 - 4UnlitPort is administratively shut down.
GreenLink is up and in normal operation.
AmberPort is in test.
RedAn alarm condition is present.
LAN 1 - 2UnlitLink is down or port is administratively shut down.
Green (Solid)10BaseT link is up.
Green (Flashing)10BaseT link is up and traffic is flowing.

Note: Status lights shown are configured for SIP via LAN 1 (ETH 0/1) to PRI (NET 3).

Description & Suggested Action
ETH 0/1 - 0/2Amber (Solid)100BaseT link is up.
Amber (Flashing)100BaseT link is up and traffic is flowing.

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