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Alcatel-Lucent OS2260-10
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
OKSolid GreenSystem Diagnostics and AOS bootup OK
Flashing GreenSystem Diagnostics and AOS in progress (i.e., performing diagnostics or booting)
Solid AmberSystem Diagnostics and AOS/fan/temp fail
VCFlashing GreenMaster (number of blinks identifies ID)
Flashing AmberSlave (number of blinks identifies ID).
UnlitUnknown/error state
PWRSolid GreenMain power supply normal
Solid AmberMain power supply fault (12V).
Flashing AmberMain power supply fault (54V/PoE).
UnlitMain power supply not present
PORT 1-8Solid GreenValid port link (non-PoE).
Flashing GreenValid port link with activity (non-PoE).
Solid AmberValid port link (PoE).
Flashing AmberValid port link with activity (PoE).
SFP PORTSolid GreenUplink Port
Flashing GreenUplink Port with activity
Solid AmberVFL Port
Flashing AmberVFL Port with activity

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