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Carrier Access Adit 600 - VoIP
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
T1-1Red (Solid)T1 is down. // Call the carrier.
MAJOR/MINORRed (Solid)T1 could have taken a power surge. // Call the Carrier. (See CMG ROUTER/CRD)
CRDGreen (Not Solid)Voice over IP card failure. // Call the Carrier.

TDM Controller - This is the T1 Card.

Description & Suggested Action (Likely Failures in Bold)
MAJOR OR MINOR Unlit No alarms present.
Red/Yellow Red = Major alarm       Yellow = Minor alarm
LOCAL Unlit Remote mode (DIP switches disabled).
Green Local mode (DIP switches enabled).
ACO Unlit Normal mode. No alarms are being suppressed.
Yellow Alarm cutoff active. One or more active alarms suppressed.
T1-1 OR T1-2 Unlit Offline
Green Normal
Red Loss of Signal (LOS) detected.
Yellow Bipolar Violation (BPV) detected.
Green (Flashing) Loopback active.
Red (Flashing) Loss of Frame (LOF) or Alarm Indication Signal (AIS) detected.
Yellow (Flashing) Yellow alarm (Remote Alarm Indication) detected.

CMG Router

Description & Suggested Action (Likely Failures in Bold)
CRD Unlit Loss of power.
Green No current alarms.
Red Alarm state active. // See alarm log for cause. // (If TDM CONTROLLER/MAJOR are RED also, have a qualified Tech pull card out 1 inch, then push back for a cold boot)
Red (Flashing) Self-test or Boot in-process.
Yellow (Flashing) Card is saving data to flash RAM, do not power down.
VOIP Unlit No active VoIP calls or if the MGCP protocol is optioned down.
Green Active VoIP calls.
Red Call agent unreachable.
Yellow Insufficient VoIP resources to complete call or during initialization process.
LNK Unlit No Ethernet link.
Green Good Ethernet link.
10/100 Unlit 10 Mb Ethernet.
Green 100 Mb Ethernet.
TX/RX Unlit No Ethernet transmit activity.
Green Current Ethernet TX/RX activity.
Yellow Current Ethernet TX/RX collision.

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