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Cisco Cable Router 1700
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
PWRGreen (Solid)Power is being supplied to the Router.
OKGreen (Solid)The router software is loaded and functional.
ETH ACTGreen (Flashing)here is network traffic on the Ethernet connections.
Description & Suggested Action
LNKGreen (Solid)When the LED is on, the Router is connected to your local Ethernet network through the ETHERNET 10 Base-T Port.
CARRIERGreen (Solid)On means that the cable is correctly connected and the Router can communicate across the WAN.
ALARMLITIf CARRIER is green and ALARM is lit, you are getting either framed or unframed all ones, more than likely. This is either a problem with the Carrier not cross connecting your circuit to something useful or equally likely, a problem with the TX pair going between you and the SmartJack. // Checking the SmartJack for a local alarm would tell you the difference.
LOOPBACKLITYour circuit is in loopback. // You can typically clear this loopback by powercycling the equipment or hitting the loopback button on the WIC with an ink pen. (If you just reported an issue, your Carrier may be testing your circuit and you don't want to do this.)
FLASH PC CARDGreen (Solid)On means that the Flash PC card is correctly installed.

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