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Cisco Routers 501 Pix Firewall
Normal Status Lights

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Description & Suggested Action
POWERGreen (Solid)The device is powered on.
UnlitThe device is powered off.
LINK/ACTGreen (Flashing)Network activity, such as Internet access is present.
Green (Solid)The correct cable is in use and the connected equipment has power and is operational.
UnlitNo link is established. If the LINK/ACT LED does not light up, you might be using the wrong type of cable // Try replacing the yellow, straight-through Ethernet cable with the orange, crossover Ethernet cable.
VPN TUNNELGreen (Solid)One or more IKE/IPSec VPN tunnels are established.
UnlitOne or more IKE/IPSec VPN tunnels are disabled. If the standard configuration is not modified to support VPN tunnels, the LED does not light up because it is disabled by default. Also, the LED does not light up when PPTP/L2TP tunnels are established.
100 MBPSGreen (Solid)The interface is enabled at 100 Mbps (auto-negotiated).
UnlitThe interface is enabled at 10 Mbps.

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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