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Comcast Ciena 3903
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
STATSOLID GREENIndicates Status Normal/System ready
FLASHING GREENSystem is initializing & performing self tests
UNLITSystem is not operating normally
REDPower on self test failed. Error present
ALARMSOLID AMBERWill display Solid Amber when fiber is disconnected
UNLITNormal operation
PSASOLID GREENNormal operation
UNLITNo power
PSBSOLID GREENNormal operation
UNLITNo power
LNK/ACT (Left LED on 10/100/1000 Port)SOLID GREENIndicates a valid network connection
FLASHING GREENThe port is currently receiving or transmitting Ethernet packets
UNLITThe port is not operational
SPD (Right LED on 10/100/1000 Port)SOLID AMBERPort speed is 1000 Mbps
UNLITPort speed is 10/100 Mbps

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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