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Hatteras Networks HN404-CPI-HN408-CPI
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
OKUnlit/Green (Flashing)Power supply is not connected - system is starting up.
FAILRed (Solid)// Contact Carrier.
A & BUnlitPrimary and optional secondary power supply are not connected. No power!
2BASE-TL PAIRSUnlitLoop failure. // Contact Carrier and advise.
250ms ON, 250ms OFF for 1 minute then dark for 30 seconds. Loop has signal and is handshaking but can't get a sync. // Call Carrier and advise.

A 3MB connection uses 3 DSL loops = 3 lights @ 90% on

A 5MB connection uses 5 DSL loops = 5 lights @ 90% on

A 10MB connection uses 8 DSL loops = 8 lights @ 90% on

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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