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Kentrox T-Smart CSU
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
PWR/FAILGreen (Solid)Powered and operational.
Red (Solid)Powered but not fully operational.
TA/FELYellow (Solid)Set or Test Code sent to far end or local unit is in loop back. // (A power cycle will clear this.)
Yellow (Flashing)Far end loop back has been verified.
NET LPYellowNetwork Loop Back (TLB or LLB) set.
SENDYellowSending loop back or test code.
ACOGreenAlarm Cut-Off switch is operating. Remains on until the alarm condition is removed or until another alarm occurs.
LOC LPYellowLocal Loop Back in process.
CODEYellowAny code being received.
DATAGreenValid data is present at the Network or Terminal Interface Off Data stream interrupted.
BPVRed (Flashing)Bipolar Violation (BPV) received (flashes) When B8ZS is enabled, LED doesn’t light on BPV's that are part of B8ZS pattern.
AISRed Alarm Indication Signal received for one second.
LOSRed Loss of Signal received.
KARed Keep-Alive signal transmitted toward Network.
PDRed Pulse Density below 1 in 8 detected in the outgoing network signal.
YELYellowYellow Alarm code received.
OOFRed Out of Frame condition.
EERRed Error rate exceeds selected threshold.
NI (NETWORK)Red Specifies LOS, YEL, AIS, EER, OOF, BPV or CODE is on NI signal.
(VENDOR)OOF, BPV or CODE is on TI signal.

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