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Lucent ConnectReach
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
STATUSBlinking other than as pictured, 2 CPS even blink.Various patterns undefined for now. We will update when possible.
Green (Solid)T1 Down. // Call your Carrier.
NETWORK T1 - MAINTGreen (Solid)Carrier Testing. // Take no action.
NETWORK T1 - T1 STATUSYellow (Solid)T1 Down.
NETWORK T1 - FRAMINGRed (Solid)T1 Down
Flashing (Various Frequency)Flash indicates framing errors. You are losing data but not all data. // Call your Carrier.
10BASE-T - LEFTNot Blinking// Check your Firewall/Router.

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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