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Panasonic KX-TGP550
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
STATUSGreen (Solid)The Base Unit is connected to the Internet. The startup process is complete and you may now make Internet calls.
Green (Flashing)The base unit is downloading data. Do not disconnect the Ethernet cable or AC adaptor for the base unit until the STATUS indicator stops flashing and lights in steady green.
Red (Solid)When the Base Unit is turned on, the STATUS indicator lights in red for about 10 seconds.
Red (Flashing)The Base Unit is registering a handset.
Red (Rapidly Flashing)The Base Unit is paging handsets. (KX-TGP-500 only)
Amber (Solid)The Base Unit's IP address may conflict with the IP addresses of other devices on your local network. Contact your Administrator for further information.
Amber (Flashing)The Base Unit is obtaining an IP address or is obtaining configurations. Please wait.
Amber (Flashing)The Base Unit is registering with your phone system. Please wait.
Amber (Flashing)If the STATUS indicator contiues to flash check the following:
Amber (Flashing)Network settings may not be correct. Contact your Administrator.
Amber (Flashing)Many installation issues can be resolved by resetting all the equipment. First, shut down your Modem, Router, Hub, Base Unit & Computer.
Amber (Rapidly Flashing)Unplug the Base Unit's AC adaptor to reset the unit, then reconnect. If the STATUS indicator is still flashing rapidly, there may be an issue with the Base Unit hardware. Contact your phone system Dealer.
UnlitThe Base Unit power is off.
UnlitThe Ethernet cable is not connected properly. Connect it.
UnlitYour network devices (Hub, Router, etc.) are turned off. Check the LEDs for the link status of the devices.
UnlitThe Base Unit power is booting up.

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