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Panasonic KX-TGP600
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
STATUSGREEN SOLIDThe base unit is connected to the internet. The startup process is complete and you may now make and receive Internet calls.
GREEN SLOW FLASHINGThe base unit is being used for a call
GREEN SLOW FLASHINGThe base unit is downloading data. Do not disconnect the Ethernet cable or AC adaptor from the base unit until the STATUS indicator stops flashing and the light is solid green
GREEN QUICK FLASHINGThe handset/desk phone is busy
RED SOLIDWhen the base unit is turned on, the STATUS insicator lights in red for about 40 seconds
RED SLOW FLASHINGthe base unit is registering a handset/desk phone
RED QUICK FLASHINGThe base unit is paging handsets/desk phones (by using the handset locator button)
AMBER SOLIDThe base unit's IP address may conflict with the IP addresses of other devices on your local network. Contact your administrator for further information
AMBER SLOW FLASHINGThe base unit is obtaining an IP address or is obtaining configurations. Please wait
AMBER SLOW FLASHINGThe base unit is registering with your phone system. Please wait
AMBER SLOW FLASHINGIf the STATUS indicator continues flashing check the following: Network settings may not be correct. Contact your administrator. Many installation issues can be resolved by resetting all the equipment. First, shut down your mondem, router, hub, base unit and computer. Then turn the devices back on one at a time in this order: Modem, router, hub, base unit, computer. If you cannot access the internet web pages using your computer, check to see if your phone system is having connection issues in your area. For more troubleshooting help contact your administrator
AMBER QUICK FLASHINGUnplug the base units AC adaptor to reset the unit, then reconnect the AC adaptor. If the STATUS indicator is still flashing rapidly, there may be a problem with the base unit hardware. Contact your phone system dealer/service provider
SLOW SWITCHING (RED --> GREEN --> AMBER --> UNLIT)The base unit is in maintenance mode. Turn the base unit off and back on again
QUICK SWITCHING (RED --> GREEN --> AMBER --> UNLIT)The base unit is restarting. Wait a moment
UNLITThe base unit power is off
UNLITThe Ehternet cable is not connecteed properly
UNLITYour network devices (hub, roter, etc.) are turned off. Check the LEDs for the link status of the devices

Note: The indicator flashing patterns are as follow:

- Slow Flashing: 60 times per minute

- Quick Flashing: 240 times per minute

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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