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Paradyne DSL Modem 6381
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
POWERGreen (Solid)Indicates that power is supplied to the Modem.
UnlitNo power.
STATUSGreen (Solid)The DSL interface is successfully connected to a device through the LINE Port.
Green (Flashing)DSL line is trying to train but for some reason it cannot establish a valid connection. The likely cause of this is that you are too far away from the central office or the line came out of compliance due to rain or other external factor. // Call your Carrier.
UnlitNo signal. // Verify that the phone line is connected directly to the wall and you have dial tone.
ACTIVITYGreen (Solid)Connection is established.
UnlitNo connection established.
LANGreen (Flashing)Indicates network activity.
Green (Solid)No LAN activity. Something is locked up. // Reboot your Router/Firewall.
UnlitLAN not connected. // Check your Router/Firewall cable.

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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