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Sonitrol Cradlepoint IBR900
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
POWERUnlitNo Power
Solid AmberCan indicate Bootup sequence of the Endpoint, Dashboard alerts that must be addressed (attending to these alerts may cause the LED to turn solid red), Status will remain Amber until the default password is changed or the device license needs to be renewed.
Solid GreenPowered On
Flashing GreenRapid cycling of device power. Check to ensure any power supplied to device, particularly by vehicle battery is fully charged and supplying the correct voltage
Solid RedIndicates the WAN profile priority in the Connection Manager needs adjustment. If the Ethernet WAN is disconnected and the Modem with the active SIM is connected, then the Power LED is Red until the Modem with the active SIM is changed to have a higher priority in Connection Manager. Once that is changed the Power LED with turn Green
Wi-FiUnlitNo Wi-Fi Connected
Solid GreenWi-Fi is on and functioning normally
Solid YellowAttention Log into NCM to troubleshoot. Note: Upon installation the light will be Yellow until the device is registered in NetCloud Manager
GPSUnlitOff/No Lock
Solid BlueGPS On/Locked
Flashing BlueObtaining Lock
EMBEDDED MODEMUnlitModem not connected
Solid GreenModem has established an active connection
Flashing GreenModem is connecting
Solid YellowModem is not active
Flashing YellowData connection error. No Modem connection possible
Flashing RedModem is in the process of resetting. Flashing Red with Signal Strength LED = SIM dooe is not installed, Modem is off
SGNL4 Solid Blue BarsStrongest Signal
1 Flashing Blue BarWeakest Signal

Provided by Sonitrol of Richmond

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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