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Technicolor C1100T
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
UNLITNo Power Source
SOLID REDTesting its own Hardware. If it's still red after a few minutes, there could be a Hardware or Software failure
FLASHING GREEN/ORANGESoftware test in progress
DSLSOLID GREENConnected to DSL Network
UNLITNo DSL Network detected
SLOW FLASHING GREENSearching for DSL Network
FAST FLASHING GREENDSL Network detected and is connecting
SOLID REDModem cannot detect Network
INTERNETSOLID GREENConnected to the Internet
FLASHING GREENSending Data back and forth between the Internet and your devices
UNLIT"Transpanrent Bridge" mode. If it is unlit for more than 30 seconds after the dSL light is Green you will need to try resetting the modem by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds
FLASHING GREEN/REDCompleting auto-configuration. If it continues for more than a minute contact your ISP's Technical support
SOLID ORANGEModem needs to be activated
SOLID REDAuthentication credentials are not accepted by the Network
FLASHING GREENSending/Receiving data
UNLITNothing connected in WAN/LAN port
ETHERNETSOLID GREENDevice is plugged into an Ethernet port
UNLITNo device is connected to the corresponding Ethernet port
Wi-FiSOLID GREENWi-Fi enabled
FLASHING GREENData being transmitted
LIGHT ORANGETemporarily turned off according to wireless schedule feature
UNLITWi-Fi not enabled
WPSSOLID GREENEnabled and ready to connect
FLASHING ORANGEConnecting to a device
FLASHING REDError connecting or a session overlap detected

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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