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Toshiba PCX2200
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
CABLEGreen (Solid)Modem registered and ready to transfer data.
UnlitNo downstream RF Carrier present of power is off.
PCGreen (Solid)Connection to PC has been established.
UnlitNo Carrier to/from PC present or power is off.
DATAGreen (Flashing)Network activity.
UnlitNo user data going through the cable Modem or power is off.
TESTUnlitSelf-test, Modem ok.
Amber (Flashing)Initial self-test of the Modem in progress or software down load in progress.
Amber (Solid)Self-test failure.
POWERGreen (Solid)Lit when power is on.
UnlitNo power.

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