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Viking PA-IP SIP Multicast Paging Adapter
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
STATUSRED/FLASHINGIf the unit cannot register with the programmed SIP server the Status LED will blink on and off every second until communication is restored.
LAN W/POE RIGHT NETWORK LEDYELLOW/FLASHINGLights steady to indicate power and data link. Blinks to indicate network activity.

The “Page / Status” LED on the PA-IP can be programmed to one of three different modes.

Factory Setting: Paging Mode

OFF Mode: In this mode the LED will not light during normal operation. It will only light (blink) if it cannot register with

the programmed SIP server or while manually resetting all network parameters to factory default.

On Mode: The LED will remain ON when the unit is powered and registered. The LED will flash if registration is lost

and alarm is active.

Paging Mode: The LED will remain OFF in the idle state, light steady when the page is active, then turn OFF when

the call is completed. The LED will also light steady during Multicast paging.

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The Story Behind "Status Lights"

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